Artyom Chelpachenko
Translator 30 years old Almaty Kazakhstan
Languages: english russian;
Translation type: simultaneous; consecutive; writing;
Specialization: accounting/auditing; advertising/pr; business; construction; economic; education; finance; general; it; journalistic; legal; marketing; medical; oil & gas/mining; real estate; sport; technical; tenders; tourism;
Experience: 9 years
:3 :0
Registered as an individual entrepreneur
Notary translation
Ready to business trips
Know 4 languages at equal level. I operate across all cities of Kazakhstan
10 000 - 30 000
Education: 2011 – Synchron– Plus Moscow Conference Interpretation Courses (Синхрон-плюс); 2010 – 2012 (Bachelor's Degree) Parasat Almaty Multi-discipline State Economy University; (Honors Diploma) – Corporate Interpreter 2007 – 2010 Vocational College
Additional functions: Guide; Participation in court sessions;
Challenging projects: - OSCE/ODIHR Mission for RoK Presidential Elections; - UN Trade Facilitation & Single Window United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - IX Astana Economic Forum 2016 “The New Economic Reality: Diversification, Innovation and Knowledge Economy”
Productivity: 12-18 pages per day, 12 hours of interpretation
Computer skills: MS Windows; MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook); Adobe Acrobat, CoralDraw, Photoshop, ABBYY Fine Reader; Google Analytics; 1С;
Additional information: ● Fluent in 4 Languages (English, French, Spanish and German); ● Conference Interpretation (English, French, Spanish and German); ● Consecutive Interpretation; ● High Working Capacity; ● HR Management & Business Administration; ● Foreign Language Teaching; ● I provide Equipment for Conference Interpretation. INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: MEDIA: MY BOOK: "Преодоление сложностей
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