The rules of the site, described below in Q&A format, are integral part of the User Agreement of this site.

General instruction

1. Who this site is for? is dedicated to matching interpreters/translators and translation agencies with their clients. It’s a platform where performers post their ads to attract direct customers.

2. Who is required to register?

If you are a freelancer or an agency, you need to register to post an ad on the site. To register you should choose Register as a freelance translator/translation agency from the menu. If you are a customer, registration is not required.  

3. Is registration free?

Registration for both freelancers and agencies is free. 

4. Are contact details of performers free for clients?

Contact details of performers are open and free.

5. Do the site’s representatives serve as an intermediary between translators/agencies and end clients?

No, clients contact performers directly. Administration of the site doesn't serve as an intermediary between translators and clients until clients order transation through site's manager.

6. How are freelancers’ and agencies’ ads ranked?

The system delivers ads of freelancers first, and then – ads of agencies.

7. Are English and Russian versions of the site the same?

Ads posted in English version of the site are not automatically duplicated in Russian version. Sometimes performers post ads only in English (or only in Russian) version of the site.

8. Is this site designed for performers from CIS countries? is a product made in Kazakhstan. Most performers on the site are from CIS countries, but we welcome professionals from all over the world.

9. Can clients post projects on the site? How performers should know about new projects?

Projects from clients and job openings will be posted on our page on facebook and Instagram.

                                                                  Instruction for clients

1. How do I find a performer that meets my needs?

To find a performer you can set search options and submit them by clicking “Find a Translator”. You can just click “Find a Translator” button to see short resumes of all translators/interpreters/agencies in the database (please note, that ads in English and Russian versions of the site can vary). You can go through the full profile of a performer, including contact details, by clicking the “full profile” button.  

2. How do I find a performer from a city, that’s not in the drop-down list of cities?

Performers from rare cities are shown in “Another City” option.

3. Is there only Kazakhstan in the drop-down list of countries?

There are also Russia, Ukraine and South Korea along with cities of Kazakhstan in the drop-down list.  

4. How do I know which performer I can trust?

You can compare translators by information they leave in their ads. Some performers' ads have comments from customers.

You can also choose a performer from "TOP-5 performers". 

More information about advantages of freelance translators and agencies you can find in Useful information for customers

5. What is «Order translation» option?

You can work directly with any translator or agency from the database. But if you don’t have time to search a performer, you can send a request to the manager of, and we will take care that your project is performed by professionals.

6. Where can clients leave their feedback on performer's work?

Clients can leave their feedback by clicking «Add a comment» in the lower left corner of a performer’s full profile. 

7. Where can clients post information about translation projects and vacancies?

We can post information about translation projects and vacancies on our page on facebook.  Please, send information about your project or vacancy to

8.  A performer is constantly unavailable

We would be very grateful to you if you would inform us about that by clicking «To complain of the ad» in the lower right corner of a performer’s full profile.  

     Instruction for translators/interpreters and translation agencies

1. Should I fill in all the fields in the ad?

Required fields are marked with *, but it is highly recommended to provide as much information as possible within the ad.

More information about how to fill out the application form to achieve more you can find in Useful information for translators

2. If I choose, for example, «Chinese» - «English» as my language pair, would clients who look for English-Chinese translators see my ad as well?

Yes, your ad will be shown for both requests.

3. Can I choose several language pairs within one ad?

No, you should create new ads for different language pairs.

4. What do you recommend to put in «Your competitive advantage» field?

«Your competitive advantage» field is your chance to make a right impression. Say about your professional experience, that sets you apart from others.  For example, «10 years in medical translation services» matters much more to a client, than cliché like «responsible, reliable, high-quality, best service» and the like. 

5. I’ve posted an ad, but I don’t see it on the site.

Please, make sure that you have followed the verification link, which was sent to your e-mail address after registration. If you have followed the link, but your ad is not yet on the site, then it is under moderation and will soon appear on the site.

6. I haven’t received an e-mail with a verification link

Please, check spam folder. If it is not in spam folder, make sure that you provided a correct e-mail address. If the e-mail address is correct, but the problem still persists, contact us, and we will solve your problem. 

7. Is it essential to attach a photo?

A photo is not essential, but we recommend that you attach a photo, because it increases trust of customers to your ad.

8. In what currency is it possible to provide cost information?

Cost information in not essential, but if you want to add it, please note that it must be provided only in Kazakh tenge (KZT).

9. There is no my city in the drop-down list of cities.

Please, choose “Another city” in the drop-down list, and indicate your city in the «Additional information» field.

10. Is there only Kazakhstan in the drop-down list of countries?

There are also Russia, Ukraine and South Korea along with cities of Kazakhstan in the drop-down list.  

11. How do I benefit from having an ad in Russian?

The site reaches a wide audience from CIS countries. If you want to get job from more customers, we recommend you to translate your ad into Russian. The system delivers bilingual ads first.  

12. How to translate an ad into Russian, if I do not understand Russian?

You can leave your information in English. The headlines and main information would be translated into Russian automatically.

13. Where can I translate my ad into Russian?

After you click the verification link to complete the registration, you will be redirected to the site and offered to translate your ad into Russian. You can also do this in your personal account by choosing the RU icon that is opposite your ad.

14. What happens if I create a new ad in Russian instead of translating it from English version?

In this case the ads will be considered by system as 2 independent ads. They will be seen in both English and Russian versions of the site, but clients won’t be able to switch your ad from English into Russian and vice versa.

15. What is «Create a new ad» button in my personal account?

If you are a multilingual translator/interpreter, you can create new ads for different language pairs.   

16. What information I can change/add in my personal account?

Personal account allows you to edit profile data, such as name, age, city, password, photo and contact details. It also allows you to work with your ads (editing, creating new, deleting).

17. Ad position and ad rank

Follow this to improve your ad position: 1. Translate your ad. Ads in both English and Russian languages are shown up higher in search results. 2. Ask your clients to leave their feedback under your ad. The more positive comments (red stars) you have, the higher will be your position in search results. 3. Most recent ads go first.  

18. Can I improve ad position by editing my ad?

Yes, if you edit the ad, it passes the moderation and will be posted as new.  

19. How can I highlight my ad to get more customers? 

We can place your ad in the “Top-5 performers”. To apply for Top-5 you should have enough professional experience and excellent references from your clients. Please, send us an e-mail with subject “Top-5 to, and we will consider your application as soon as possible.  

20. What kind of ads would not be approved by the moderator?

Moderator would not post ads containing profanity, information that might damage site’s reputation, or any other information irrelevant to translation/interpretation/editing services.  More on this is in User Agreement of this site.

21. I am having trouble filling out an application form/posting an ad

Please, contact us as soon as possible, and we will solve your problem

Attention! In case a client is trying to make a deal with you on behalf of the administration of the site or the Veritas Translation Agency, please, be careful and check contact details. We can contact you only from the e-mail address and mobile number stated on our Contact us page. Thank you!




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