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 Dear freelance translators, translation agencies and editors, welcome to our site where you can leave your ad about translation services and let customers from all over the world find you. 

Hints how to fill out the application form to attract more сustomers.

  1. It is highly recommended to provide as much information as possible within the application form. A perfectly prepared ad will help you to attract the right customers to it. Note, that your specializations matter most for many clients. Also, do not forget to tell shortly about your competitive advantage, skills or experience that distinguish yourself from your competitors (“your key advantage” field).  
  2. Specify your translation speed (for example, how many pages per day you can translate) so that clients could see is there a need to divide a translation between several translators or not. 
  3. Specify your computer skills. 
  4. If you can provide additional service such as meeting at the airport or showing guests around your city, please tell about it in “your key advantage” field.
  5. Make sure that you leave valid contacts so that clients could easily connect with you. If you blog about translation or have your own website, you can provide links to them. 
  6. When providing additional information, state the facts precisely. Try to avoid overly long sentences and abstract descriptions.  
  7. If you have filled out an application in English, you can also duplicate it into Russian so that Russian speaking customers could also see your ad.   
  8. Upload high resolution photo to earn customers’ trust. 

Follow these guidelines to become a successful translator.

  • Identify your translation specializations. To speak another language is not enough to make a successful career as a translator. Pick an area that you enjoy researching. There’s work in pretty much any specialization you can imagine. Make sure that you find your target specialization interesting and that it generates enough paying work for you to have a viable business.   
  • Improve your writing skills in your native language.  To be a good translator you have to be a very good writer with excellent grammar in your native language. If you are only nearly bilingual and can’t write at the level at which your audience reads, you should only translate into your native language not to cause a lot of trouble for both yourself and your clients.

  • Improve reading and comprehension skills of your source language. To succeed as a freelance translator, you need to be fluent in your source language so you can understand source texts perfectly.

  • Master your computer and keyboarding skills. For any professional translator, having good computer skills is a must. You have to know how to work with a computer-aided translation tool, and how different software programs work. You also have to be proficient at keyboarding in order to be profitable.

  • Acquire cultural knowledge in both your target and source language. Clients are looking for someone who are not only a great translator, but also a cultural consultant who let them know when something is inappropriate in the target culture. 

  • Be able to specialize in one or a few subject areas. If you know a lot about a subject, you can provide better translations when working with that subject matter. You need to know about company’s product or service and how it works in order to avoid making translation errors. 
  • You need to be organized and disciplined in order to meet clients’ deadlines. Once you’ve listened to what clients need, deliver it to them by going the extra mile. After helping clients in this way, you become liked and trusted, and start a long-term relationship with them.


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